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Entrepreneur Services


​To create an entrepreneurial environment that will successfully attract, develop and support Band member owned businesses by providing business education, technical assistance, financing, and commercial facilities.


  1. To incorporate the development of a strong private sector into the Red Lake Nation’s strategic plans for a strong economic base.

  2. To provide Red Lake Band members with applicable tools and resources necessary to achieve a successful and financially viable business, thus providing them the opportunity for personal self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

  3. To establish an effective Native CDFI with a self-sustaining revolving loan fund.

What We Offer

  • Technical Assistance

    • Business Plan Development​

    • Financial Management

    • Marketing

    • Business Management

  • Education

    • Customer Service

    • Personal Financial Literacy​

    • Time Management

    • Marketing

    • Accounting

    • Artist's Professional Development

    • Food Production & Agriculture


Business loans are available to those who:​

  • Meet eligibility criteria,

    • Enrolled Red Lake Tribal member​

    • 21 years of age or older

    • A For-Profit entity

    • 60% or more ownership of existing or new business

    • Active manager of the business

    • Business located on or near the Red Lake Reservation

  • Have a feasible/profitable business opportunity

  • Complete the Entrepreneur Training

  • Complete their Business Plan

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